Alice Bunker Stockham () was one of the first female M.D.s in the United States. In her remarkable _Karezza_, she develops her theory of secular. Karezza, Ethics of Marriage, by Alice B. Stockham [], full text etext at sacred- I first came across the name of Alice Bunker Stockham in connection with the Rational Dress Movement–a nineteenth-entury reform movement.

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Brian Sullivan rated it liked it May 02, Just a moment while syockham sign you in to your Goodreads account. According to her, scores of married men and women attest that such self-control is perfectly and easily possible.

Alice Bunker Stockham and Karezza

As the creative potency of a,ice becomes understood, and this knowledge is applied, men and women will grow in virtue, in love, in power, and will gladly and naturally devote stockyam power to the world’s interests and development. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Which shouldn’t be surprising, since, in my academic life, I was [I karzeza I still am] a medievalist–the nineteenth century is usually way too modern for my taste.

Inwhen Stockham was seventy-two years old, she was arrested on obscenity charges by Anthony Comstock, the U. In later writings she also began to promulgate the need for women to learn to control their orgasm responses in the same way tsockham the men of Oneida did.

Moreover, the Oneida community practiced “complex marriage,” in which exclusive relationships were discouraged as “idolatrous. Around the time the first tantra books were translated into English, Stockham traveled to India where she visited a matrilinial caste of hereditary warriors, allegedly of Brahmin descent, on the Malabar Coast.

Known as “the free women of India,” Nayar women were intelligent, well-educated, and karezzza property descended through them. The meditation should be an act of giving up one’s will and concepts to allow cosmic intelligence to flow through one with new inspiration. She argued that the widespread belief that women should be legally forced to participate in ejaculatory sex – lest they go to any length to avoid the travails of childbirth – was nonsense.


I have never been conscious of any irksome restraint or sstockham in my sexual experience; and my self-control and strength, mental and physical, have greatly increased since my marriage. She grew up in a log cabin in close proximity to Native Americans, whom she regarded with respect. Duane Smith rated it really liked it Dec 18, University of California Press. Although she was a general practitioner, wlice specialized in obstetrics and gynecology.

She boldly advocated sexual continence during pregnancy and to prevent pregnancy, which brought her into conflict with the authorities as it was karezxa to promote birth control. Written for lay readers, it covered all aspects of women’s and children’s health and was far ahead of its time. With some misgivings, therefore, I determined to venture upon marriage, and it has been completely successful. Please help improve this article by adding citations to karezz sources.

Now to Alice Bunker.

Perhaps the most well-known name associated with the efforts to reform women’s clothing is that of Amelia Bloomerwho in introduced her trouser-like “bloomers” in order to free women from the excessive weight of their crinolines–the combined weight of a woman’s skirt and petticoats meant that poundsperhaps as many as thirteen poundswere hanging off of a woman’s waist.

Here is an excerpt from one written by a young husband, kareza for 4 years:.

Karezza: Ethics of Marriage

With abundant time and mutual reciprocity the interchange becomes satisfactory and complete without emission or crisis. She became one of the first five US women doctors when she graduated from the only institute of higher learning in the West to admit women.

One writer called it Male Continence, but it is no more male than femaleā€¦. She promoted gender equalitydress reformbirth controland male and female sexual fulfillment for successful marriages. Ina then year old Stockham and her publisher were convicted of circulating improper literature under the Comstock stoc,ham.


Stockham acknowledged women’s natural sexuality and denounced stockgam sexual double standard:. Stockham was very concerned with the economic plight of divorced women with children and ailce who wanted to get off the street.

We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book. About Alice Bunker Stockham. For a clear indication that “Christ’s law” may well have favored of “a reserved embrace,” have a look at “The Sacrament of the Bridal Chamber: Mark Schahczenski rated it it was amazing Dec 25, The wholly new thought that retaining the vital force within himself would naturally make a man stronger, clearer and better also seemed to me not irrational.

Nicki Vichick marked it as to-read Jan 09, The development of the caged crinoline in mid-century did serve to reduce that weight inBloomer adopted it in favor of the garments she had devisedbut that did not end the efforts to reform women’s clothing.

Return to Book Page. Ethics of Marriage is long out of print, but you can read it online at this site. Politics, Health, and Art. She promoted gender equality, dress reform, birth control, and male and female sexual fulfillment for successful marriages. The group ultimately disbanded, since the idea of trousers seemed to present an insurmountable object. In her Chicago medical practice, Stockham focused on gynecology and obstetrics.

And at no time does this learned control serve [mankind] with more satisfaction than in the marital relation and in making possible the attainment of Karezza.