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Revision of Army Technical Manual /NAVFAC P/AFR , Force Manual (AFM) (TM ) (Department of the Air Force, ). manual TM , NAVFAC P, and AFM 88 This document generally has the most conservative criteria. It has been updated recently with some. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Summary of Changes and Availability of the Revised TM NAVFAC P, AFM “Design of Structures to.

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The layout of duct systems will include a sufficient, but minimum number of expansion joints, adequate provisions for movement, and appropriate restraint at supports.

Ferry Terminals and Small Craft. Additional considerations apply to tank design depending on the type of tank and other factors as 8822 in the following.

Installation of Underground Petroleum Storage Systems. Transmission towers and poles.

Particular attention will be given to wind, seismic, dynamic, and fatigue loads on cablesupported structures and other similar force-oscillating structures. In general, requirements for materials used afj structures other than buildings will be in accordance with paragraph a unless prior approval is obtained from the appropriate headquarters. The allowable stress is for a design condition of dead load combined with either seismic or wind loads.

Material anisotropy revealed by phase contrast in intermittent contact atomic force microscopy.

Use of corrosion-resistant steel will be in accordance with the following. Circular Concrete Tanks without Prestressing. If constructed of concrete, design of these types of structures will be in accordance with ACIHandbook of Concrete Engineering by Fintel, and Silos: For design of structures associated with power plants, see applicable portions of TM Reinforced Concrete in Blast-Hardened Structures.


Gas and air wfm Gas and air conveyances, particularly for hot gases, will be designed to meet fire protection requirements adm National Fire Protection Association NFPA In general, inherently corrosion-resistant materials should be selected for buried tanks although steel tanks will be acceptable if properly protected against corrosion.

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In any case, appropriate allowance will be made for movement and restraint to conform with the assumptions made in the pipe system flexibility analysis. If confronted with the need for structures sfm as these, the agency providing the design will obtain relevant references and identify the am specialty consultants to assist in the design.

Design of reinforced concrete tanks will be in accordance with PCA The structural design will 888-22 coordinated with the selection of pipeline materials and layout to assure that proper allowance has been made for these forces as well as expansion movements, etc.

Special consideration will be given to the effect of roof and wall openings, and proper allowance will be made for 88-22 movement due to settlement, thermal expansion, etc. Earth cover will be provided over the top of tanks in accordance with frost penetration requirements considering concrete distribution slab thickness but will be not less than 2 feet 6 inches.

Welding of Pipelines and Related Facilities. Among the types 88-222 construction which act as gravity structures are concrete gravity blocks, bin or cellular cofferdams, crib walls, bin walls, gabions, and reinforced earth type structures. Substation structures and equipment. Structural strength and stability will be considered, as well as the need for ventilation and other services.

Additional design guidance will be obtained from applicable design agency reference documents and the Handbook of Concrete Engineering by Fintel. Design of light poles, flag poles, and sign supports will be in accordance with the special provisions for such structures set forth in ANSI A Guide for the Design and Use of Concrete Poles.


If there are conflicts among the criteria given in this manual for a specific type of structure, the most conservative design method will be used. Other acceptable standard design methods or concepts may also be used. In regions of potential seismic activity, particular attention will be given to assure that sufficient lateral support is provided.

Design of main pier or wharf structures will afn conditions of exposure and loadings applicable to the location and am for which the structure is intended.

Problem Identification and Thesis Analysis.

All structures, however, must be strong enough to resist the climatic design load requirements for the site. Guide for Steel Stack Design and Construction.

Physical Review Letters – Cover Image: Phys. Rev. Lett. Vol. 88, Iss. 22

The request for approval will contain a complete statement of the reasons for using such a system, including competitive costs, proposed special criteria and controls as applicable, performance history or tests if availablethe use of a recognized structural consultant for the design of the unusual structures, and other pertinent data.

Light poles, flag poles, and sign supports. Round Industrial Duct Construction Standards. Precautions will be observed when using composites and structural plastics in recognition of their unfavorable fire resistance properties.