Complete Business Statistics by Aczel, Amir D, Sounderpandian, Jayavel, By Amir Aczel Complete Business Statistics 8/E with CD by Amir Aczel [Hardcover. Complete Business Statistics. Front Cover. Amir D. Aczel, Jayavel Sounderpandian. McGraw-Hill/Irwin, – Commercial statistics – pages. Aczel-Sounderpandian: Complete Business Statistics Abridged. Part 1: Principles of Economics. Front Cover. McGraw-Hill, – pages.

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Two-Tailed Tests 0.

Do not reject H 0 if: A decision may be incorrect in two ways: The population standard deviation is known from past experience to be 1. Factors Affecting the Power Function.

Tests of hypotheses about population proportions. Cases in which the binomial distribution can be used The binomial distribution can be used whenever we are able to calculate the necessary binomial probabilities.

Complete Business Statistics – Amir D. Aczel, Jayavel Sounderpandian – Google Books

The power depends on the sample size used: Trial testimony and evidence Sample data Published by Terence Hopkins Modified over 3 years ago. Conversely, H 0 will not be rejected whenever x-bar is greater than x-bar crit. Is there evidence to conclude that the plant in question is violating the law?

This is the assertion we hold to be true until we have sufficient statistical evidence to conclude otherwise. More detailed discussions about the p-value will be given later in the chapter when examples on hypothesis tests are presented. The average speed of the standard compact system copier is 27 copies per minute. Is maintained, or held to be true, until a test leads to its rejection in favor of the alternative hypothesis.


Suppose that the upper allowable limit on the emission of vinyl chloride is set at an average of 55 ppm within a range of two miles around the plant emitting this chemical. To check compliance with this rule, the EPA collects a random sample of readings at different times and dates within the two-mile range around the plant.

Chap Business Statistics: The p-value busness 0. Exhaustive —Together they cover all possibilities, so one or the other must be true. Reject H 0 if the sample mean falls outside the nonrejection region.

When the p-value is between 0. The value of the test statistic is used in determining whether or not we may reject the null hypothesis.

Aczel-Sounderpandian: Complete Business Statistics Abridged. Part 1 – Google Books

OK Chapter 9 Hypothesis Testing. The consumer group wants, therefore, to test the hypothesis that the average net weight of the product in question is 12 oz.

Consider the following null and alternative hypotheses: For calculations using spreadsheet templates, sample sizes up to are feasible. The management hired an independent research agency, which visited a random sample of hotels nationwide and found that 7 of them satisfied the exact standards set by the association.


For testing hypotheses about population variances, the test statistic chi-square is: Similar analysis can be done when testing a population proportion.

Fail to reject a true H 0 Reject a false H 0 A decision may be incorrect in two ways: Fail to reject H 0 as true Reject H 0 as false There are two possible states of nature: To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.


Registration Forgot your password? Do not reject H 0 if the sample mean falls within the nonrejection region between the critical points.

The rejection regions, in turn, define the values of sample means that are significantly different, in a statistical sense, from the hypothesized mean. Chapter 12 Tests of Hypotheses Means