View and Download ABB ACS user manual online. ACS Inverter pdf manual download. MTAC pulse encoder interface module user’s manual 3AFE MUL1- R1 installation instructions for ACS, ACS,. ACS, ACS and. ACS Drives Users Manual ACS Three Phase Input. ABB ACS general machinery drives are designed for the OEM machine building sector.

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Manuap 3 ACS Drives 0. Two units with the same address are not allowed on-line. Page Actual signals and parameters The same settings must be used in all on-line stations.

Current and power The current and power ratings are given below. Initially, the panel is in the Output mode, where you can In most applications there is no need to perform a separate ID Run. Rising edge of inverted digital input DI1: Operation time scheme The time scheme below illustrates the operation of the brake control function.

For correct fuse selection, contact your local ABB representative. Control Cable Ducts A diagram of the cable routing is shown below.


When it is on, the drive starts, accelerates to a preset speed at a preset rate. Resistor Installation And Wiring Below is a simple wiring diagram example. Drive is programmed for traverse control with 30 sequences. If ignored, physical injury or death may ace350, or damage may occur to the drive, motor or driven equipment.

Reference types and processing The drive can accept a variety of references in addition to the conventional analog input and control panel signals. Copy Mode Copy mode The Basic Control Panel can store a full set of drive parameters and up to three user sets of drive parameters to the control panel. Set the motor data to exactly the same value as on the motor nameplate.

Available for two seconds at start, otherwise as long as 2max allowed by the drive temperature. Supervision status can be monitored with relay or transistor output. Control panel maual In remote use, the cable connecting the control panel to the drive must not exceed 3 m 10 ft. Mechanical installation What this chapter contains The chapter describes the mechanical installation procedure of the drive.

The function is useful in applications where a smooth and quick manyal is essential. The supervision functions operate on a 2 ms time level. Thermistor Contact your local ABB representative.


Strip the outer insulation of the analog signal cable degrees and ground the bare shield under the clamp. Select the appropriate parameter with keys.

Sequence programming is activated by digital input DI1. When the motor speed exceeds the sleep level, the counter is reset.

ABB ACS350 User Manual

The drive is now ready for use. See also section State shifts on page The drive provides an underload function to protect the machinery and process in such a serious fault condition. Page 44 Installation checklist See section Flux Braking page Wire Macro 3-wire macro This macro is used when the drive is controlled using momentary push-buttons.

For the parameter default values, see section Default values with different macros on page