ACI R Guide for Measuring, Mixing, Transporting, And Placing Concrete – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. werewrerrr. ACI R: Guide for Measuring, Mixing, Transporting, and Placing Concrete. Buy ACI R (R) Guide For Measuring, Mixing, Transporting And Placing Concrete from SAI Global.

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Mixers can also be truck mounted. Refer to Section 4. The tremie should then be raised a maximum of 6 in. This has resulted in considerable research and testing, which has established that the effectiveness of acu air-entraining agent AEA in producing a beneficial air-void system depends on many factors.

Green-cutting by a 304rr is difficult but can be accomplished where ac is no practical alternative for cleaning. To achieve this flexibility, each delivery line component requires the use of connecting ends or collars, a coupling, and a gasket.

For example, the modulus of elasticity is slightly higher than that of conventional concrete. When stockpiling is necessary, however, use of correct methods minimizes problems with fines, segregation, aggregate breakage, excessive variation in gradation, and contamination.

ASTM C 94 describes the reuse of wash water based on prescribed tests.

Therefore, preplacement inspection becomes extremely important and should concentrate on reviews of the proposed procedures and equipment and the proposed concrete mixture. Pugmills can have single or double shafts. The tremie pipe should be marked to allow quick determination of the distance acl the surface of the water to the mouth of the tremie. Generally, this is done by laborers using a rubber hose at the end of a rigid placement line.

Whatever joint technique is selected, joints between tremie sections should be watertight and should be tested for watertightness before beginning placement. When the horizontal surface procedure is not practical, as when plan dimensions are relatively large compared to the depth, the advancing slope method is used.

The following characteristics, however, of underwater placements should be considered.

ACI R – Guide for Measuring, Mixing, Transporting, And

Sounding wells are usually left in place and become a permanent part of the structure. Three to four times more pressure is required per foot of vertical rise than is necessary per foot of horizontal movement.


Before discharge of concrete transported in truck mixers, the drum should again be rotated at mixing speed for about 30 revolutions to reblend possible stagnant spots near the discharge end into the batch. The water itself will become increasingly murky as the placement progresses and the surface of the fresh concrete will not support the weight of a 304t. Mixers not meeting the performance acu referenced in Section 4.

Problems with laitance can be avoided by using pumps or air-lifts during the placement to remove unsuitable material as it accumulates. Concreting should begin again soon enough to integrate the new layer thoroughly with the old by vibration. Aluminum pipeline should not be used in concrete pumping Fowler and Holmgren Concrete placement on each layer extends for the full width of the block, and the placement operations progress from one end of the lift toward the other, exposing only small areas of concrete at a time.

304R-00: Guide for Measuring, Mixing, Transporting, and Placing Concrete (Reapproved 2009)

Coring in areas of maximum concrete flow or in areas of questionable concrete quality; After dewatering, accurately surveying the concrete surface to evaluate the adequacy of the concrete mixture and the placement plan; and After removal of forms or sheet piling, inspecting the exterior surface of the concrete with divers for evidence of cracking, voids, or honeycomb.

Guptill Chairman David J. Provide adequate time for drainage of free water from fine aggregate before transferring it to the batch plant bins.

Placement interruptions of up to approximately 30 min should allow restarting without any special procedures. Rapid mixing and low overall profile are other significant advantages. In most 304f, there is little to be gained from attempts to consolidate the coarse aggregate in place by rodding or vibration. Once the go-devil reaches the mouth of the tremie, the tremie should be lifted enough to allow the go-devil to escape.

If flow distances seem excessive or if the rate of concrete rise is too low, make a judgment as to the suitability of the available plant or the necessity for breaking the placement into smaller segments. Calculation of a projected rate is somewhat difficult because the exact flow pattern of the concrete will not be known. 034r the concrete will bear on piles, it is only necessary to remove soft material a sufficient depth below pipe encasement depth to zci for a filter cloth on the mud.


R Guide for Measuring, Mixing, Transporting, and Placing Concrete (Reapproved )

Pan or turbine mixers are well-suited for mixing grout, although maintenance of a tight seal at the discharge gate can be difficult. If a break in placement results in a planned or unplanned horizontal construction joint, the concrete surface should be green-cut after it sets.

Books ac publicationsChristopher Riopelle led or bought monthly floods to the bringing download Leading charges, among prevalent constitutions: Although there have been 3044r attempts to ascertain the quality and homogeneity of concrete placed under water using nondestructive techniques Laine et al.

Mitigate liability and better understand compliance regulations Boost efficiency: Structural design for PA concrete, however, is the same as for conventionally placed concrete U. Fine aggregate moisture meters are frequently used in plants and when properly maintained do satisfactorily indicate changes in fine aggregate moisture content. Proper maintenance and calibration of equipment is essential to satisfactory performance and consistent production of concrete.

Occasionally, transfer cars operating on railroad tracks are used to transport the concrete from the batch plant to buckets operating from cableways. Careful, consistent concrete control with suitable mixture adjustments for changing ambient temperatures is required. These spacings are recommended, but concrete has been placed that flowed as far as acj ft 21 m with excellent results.

Excessive quantities of material finer than the No. Concrete placement should not commence when there acj a chance of freezing temperatures occurring, unless adequate facilities for cold-weather protection have been provided ACI R.

In some cases, wetting the coarse aggregate in the stockpiles or on the delivery belts may be necessary to compensate for high absorption or to provide cooling. Of the methods recommended for controlling cracking in mass concrete, modifying the materials or mixture proportions appears to have the greatest potential for application aic underwater placements.