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What you want is one that is normally closed one way, and springs back when pressed and released. If it is desired to trigger the next higher order at the end of a 10 count, the 0 output is connected to the CK of the higher 7h4c74an counter.

This configuration is nonstable; that is, it will not persist when pre- set and clear inputs return to their inactive HIGH level.

To drive such a display, a stepping motor could be used. If we want a modulus greater than 16, we must cascade more than one counter package. They are designed with this in mind, and we only have to find out how it is intended to be done.

However, the classic JK flip-flop is level-sensitiveand does not depend on the quality of edges or speed of response. The first time this will give us a clear output will be at 24, and this is just what we 74hc74n.

74hc74an datasheet pdf

The LS and LS have an asynchronous clear, like the LS90, so if we had been using one of them, we would have had a modulo-8 dtaasheet as expected. A modulo-3 counter was not in the list of moduli available directly, so let’s make one. Although there seem to be many counters available, there are really only a few principal types, and if these are understood, any counter is easy to use.


If both are high, then the counter resets to 0 at once asynchronously. The logic level present at the.

74HC74AN_PDF Datasheet Download IC-ON-LINE

To do this, the clocks of all the counters are connected together, so that all counters that are enabled count at the same time. For a clock, we need a modulo counter, which can be made as shown in the diagram by combining our two basic techniques.

This oscillator seemed to work well in general, but may oscillate at a higher frequency if there is too much noise. The circuit is shown at the left. Level-triggered devices are more reliable, but are hard for logic designers to understand and use properly, so edge-triggering now dominates. The only real problem is the unexpected raising of conducting surfaces to line voltage, instead of ground, but this can be taken care of by using a polarized plug and ensuring that proper connection is made.

My references on “How Things Work” are silent on watches and barely mention clocks except in general terms. Wire up datssheet circuit and test it. All we need to do is move the 4 connection from the upper to the lower nibble.


As this counter counts up from datazheet to 14, RCO remains low, and the higher counters are disabled by the low state of their ENT’s. Feedback is supplied by the k resistor and the crystal.

This configuration is nonstable; that is, it will not persist when pre. Features s Typical propagation delay: In this circuit, the regulator sees about 9.

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RCO then remains low until the next time 15 is datashet, and so on. The clock will be halted by disabling the seconds counter, which will also reset the seconds counter to the beginning 1 or 0. Also shown is a 5 V supply made from inexpensive parts.

If we interpret them as a binary number, the first digit is the most significant datzsheet msband the second one the least significant bit lsb.

Motorola – datasheet pdf

The 74LSLS family are 4-bit synchronous counters. The clock functioned when power was first applied, except that the tens of hours counter had a problem with its reset, skipping “0. Synchronous counters can even be made to count backwards or forwards as desired. With care, these are not a significant hazard. Only the final state will be latched into the masters when E is raised again.