1984 XL350R PDF

Anyone out there know much about the older XLR bikes? If you mean XLR I had a model and it was a great bike before it. In , Cycle World called Honda’s XLR the best dual-purpose bike of the year, noting that riding most dualies ‘is a lot like going shopping. The Web’s most trusted source for Honda XLR Parts. Use our comprehensive OEM schematic diagrams to find the exact parts you need to get the job.

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The system can feel strange. The box tapers and if all the tools aren’t put in their bag just right, if the pliers and the axle wrench xl530r inserted narrow end first, the roll won’t fit into the box. But you won’t see them on the roads here 20 years from now because the factory has dropped out of the U.

1984 Honda XLR350 Opinions???

The XL and XR do have different versions of the same engine. Underachievement Nexus of the Universe. May dl350r, Oddometer: Don’t even think about it. For example, with half a tank of fuel: Both years used the ?


1984 Xl350R Dirt Build!!!

Hot,Cold and everything in Between. Single gas shocks, fully adjustable. In a sticky situation off road last fall, I was amazed at the low end torque the engine has and how it handled off road even with it’s stock gearing. But it indicates the ease and speed with which the XL can be snapped right-left, and the incredible cornering clearance and the grip offered by the tires. I worked at a Honda shop when these came out.

The compound carbs pay off with power, exactly as much as you want, when and where you want it. This is XL country. That said xl3550r went well sl350r it was going. Road machines can now be equipped with treaded gumballs for racing, sports tires that grip hard and wear fast, touring tires that live longer but don’t stick as well. The has a smaller bore, so the flame has less cold surface to cover. It was an old, English sedan from the era of little pointing hands that popped from the roof to signal turns.

Honda XLR – Wikipedia

Now that full-dress touring bikes with scads of cylinders and instruments, etc. Shortcomings, the XL has. This gives Honda an unmatched flexibility. There can be surface rust, loads of shelf dirt, and torn bags. Sep 26, Oddometer: May 9, Oddometer: So is the shock and its preload collars. Honda has solved the problem.


No, but I wanna be. About the time you think, “Gosh!

That means every machine is priced as low as possible, in turn requiring a series of trades. Or, sit with the lever full on until the engine’s fins are too hot to be touched. If you need mor They are mostly subjective and mostly due to the nature of the class. Log in or Join.

Don’t try this at home, kids, but it can be done and the XL will stop shorter, with less drama, than many a road bike. Jan 26, Oddometer: Of the enthusiast’s enthusiasm.

No Longer Available From Honda! This makes for a broader, more complex perspective. The manufacturer did better than a brisk business, was in fact a major power worldwide. My original plans for this bike was to harvest parts for my