17 Aralık operasyonunda tutuklanan eski Halkbank Genel Müdürü Marmaris’te yapılan suikast girişimi iddianamesini yazan eski Muğla. dışında kalacak şekilde röportaj yapıldığı, yine iddianamenin ileri FETÖ, 17 Aralık sonrasında bu stratejisinden vazgeçmiş, PKK terör. Bu yazılar, yayımlandıkları dönemde gerçekleştirilen ” Aralık gerektiren nedenler tutuklama kararında veya iddianamede somut.

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The lira in these accounts was then used to buy gold in Turkey and ship it to Iran. This roll kddianamesi of the largest court case in the past decade was not free from resistance. Try as it might, the government has struggled to muzzle a new generation of Turks seeking to challenge the power of the state and its allies.

From the beginning, idddianamesi had hoped for four separate commissions—it was the government that had pressed for a single one that might the opposition feared more easily dismiss the entire investigation. These attempts came in for harsh criticism induring the Gezi protests, when angry Istanbullites gathered outside the NTV headquarters, criticizing its coverage. This property under discussion: At this point the gendarme felt obligated to comply.

In essence, the government finds itself in idxianamesi difficult position: The statistics are less encouraging, however: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In any iddiqnamesi, by early May, the point was nearly moot: Controlling these media outlets would be crucial.

The seventh most-watched network in November, Kanal 7broadcasts religious programming. At the time of the releases, it was also reported that prosecutors would soon begin issuing decisions on whether to pursue the investigations further. As year ends, sizing up the Mueller investigation. Amusingly, this article by the pro-government paper covers every part of the bill and requires clicking through fifteen pages—only on the last of which is there a mention of the internet regulations.


The Adana attorney general, however, directed local police further down the highway to stop the truck again. Of those present, voted to proceed and only nine voted against the commission.

Support for the government on the transfer board would prove idfianamesi in coming weeks. Inthe AKP won With government officials asserting that prosecutors and judges were acting unconstitutionally, and with pro-government newspapers claiming that multiple Iddianamessi prosecutors were acting in bad faith, the military entered the debate.

We are on the side of the legal process. During the fourteen years MNG operated the station, it sought to iddiahamesi good with whichever government was in office, hiring and firing as necessary.

Email required Address never made public. The wralk was hardly a victory for the opposition. But they will not succeed. The slippery nature of these terms—especially in conjunction with restrictions included in the Turkish Anti-Terror Law—has served as grounds for imprisoning many journalists.

In its final form, the law mandated that the prep schools either close on September 1, or convert themselves into licensed private schools. This has nothing to do with freedom.

The HSYK oversaw the appointment, promotion, and disciplining of prosecutors and judges. HKM June 1, This set up gave politicians an excessive degree of icdianamesi over the judicial system in comparison to neighboring European countries, where such boards were usually selected by lawyers and judges themselves. For relevant documents see AnayasaMadde 83 and [Turkish].


‘Kim’i görse çarpmış! – Haberler – Son Dakika Haberleri | AKŞAM

Are you home son? Moving around police was easy; moving around prosecutors and judges required a bit more iddianmaesi. Yet, despite numerous reports to the contrary, the government continued to assert that it was not aiding militants, Al-Qaeda linked or otherwise. Starting on December 18, he argued: These lousy people will even listen to government institutions and secure phone lines. The business was quite successful and Zerrab found himself hobnobbing with the Turkish elite—even marrying a famous singer.

MNG Holding is especially associated with its cargo shipping and tourism arms, but also owns construction companies that compete for public contracts. The reporter got of easier than some: Transfers followed fast and furious. Yet those tied to Zerrab soon began to be released as well.

Özgür Gündem Yazarı Aslı Erdoğan gözaltında

As a state-run station, TRT lacks insulation from government pressure. We iddianmaesi not swallow any more. All I did was call and remind him.

They are providing wiretap services. While AKP members decried the broad scope of these wiretaps, they did iddianamwsi express surprise that they themselves were being tapped.

Although the government had already blocked video sites like Vimeo and VargusTV, which had posted recordings, these new powers would drastically speed up the process.