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Some of the config lines in the code might need removing as you are using a different family of PICs than the one I used for testing. I don’t think it’s a connection problem but I will triple check. LCD showing mostly jibberish on 16F Thanks for thereply.

I’ve never used that line before and always used 4-bit LCDs. The time now is It seems unclear to me in the datasheet what frequency the internal OSC runs at and if any external components are required. Join Date Oct Posts Floating pins on PICs can do some pretty weird stuff, or on logic chips of any sort. I’m surprised it worked at all with no external osc components.

Tomorrow I’ll resolder at the workshop and cross my fingers. I will add a crystal osc tomorrow and change the osc source and see how I go. I think you’re right Henrik, I’ve been trying to make it do something it isn’t meant to do. With both OSC pins floating you have neither.


Glad you got it sorted! LCD showing mostly jibberish on 16F I’m just glad I’m able to shift some of the blame from myself to Microchip in this instance. Results 1 to 22 of I’m sure I recall using a specific command to use the internal osc in the past, whereas this datasheet indicates clearing option register bit 5 will turn it on?

Just trying to get an LCD to work first on my 16F To be honest I don’t really know how to set the option register bits with the setup I am using now. And it doesn’t seem to be in your list Henrik.

LCD is on port B Code:. I have replaced the pic already and suspect I didn’t get enough heat onto the pad 2nd time round. I went with the best thing I could come up with and assumed that as I can see text at times, then the pic is oscillating. Join Date Jan Posts The datashwet has solder, and the pad has solder, but not convinced they are soldered together. Checking the datsaheet does indeed show it’s got internal oscillator.

Not real happy with a couple of the SMD solder pads for the pic. Set the command and data times up higher, still the same. Both have internal oscillators to 8mhz. I put a 4Mhz osc on it thismorning, works perfectly.

16F716 Datasheet

The issue is that I get mostly jibberish 16f71 over the screen changing constantly, with glimpses of the text I’m trying to put there. LCD showing mostly jibberish on 16F After reading more datasheet and looking at the PBP inc file for this chip, the best I came up with in my tired state is to change my first line to I haven’t used this pic before so might have some config wrong.


Thanks for pointing that out Mark! Sorry for the confusion. Thought that all pics had that?? Showing numbers in diffrent ways? Have a look at my last post dataeheet this thread http: LCD showing mostly jibberish on 16F All is good.

Similar Threads Microcode studio not showing data, though it is receiving it By Tina10 in forum 16716. The list is flawed and so is the data Microchip is using in their selector tool – which is what generated the list.

LCD showing mostly jibberish on 16F

datasehet LCD showing mostly jibberish on 16F Obviously by using the internal oscillator you can omit the external crystal shown in the easyPIC5 diagram. I feel stupid for claiming I’ve done this before but not knowing how to set option reg bits. Apart from that it’s the usual suspects like ADC and comparators but your device doesn’t have any of that on the pins used so that can’t be it.